My Coinbase Transaction Is Not Showing Up. What To Do

Coinbase Transactions Not Showing Up? Here’s What You Can Do

Did you ever thought of using your computer to make money? We believe the most common answer would be No. When Satoshi Nakamoto first created Bitcoin, he probably had no clue that it would rise to become the internet’s favorite cryptocurrency and in fact, pave the way for other altcoins and turn people, millionaires, overnight. The craze did not stop here. With the mania of people getting rich from trading cryptocurrencies, people, in fact, quit their jobs to work online. The cryptocurrencies are rising in value. Do you want to get into the game but don’t know how to start? Allow us to be the light of your crypto path.

Cryptocurrency – The digital money

Cryptocurrency is virtual money and is available online. You can exchange cryptocurrencies without the need of a mediator. Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum are some of the well-known cryptocurrencies, but new cryptocurrencies continue to make their way now and then.

Please be aware that coinbase currently does not offer any phone support with a live agent. You can call Coinbase Support to immediately disable your account if you suspect your account has been compromised.

Once your account is disabled, you will then need to go through the automated account recovery process in order to re-enable your account, which can take several days.

If you would like to reach an agent for help, please submit an email request.

To Arrange a Call Back for you, please request a callback to get any assistance.

One can buy cryptocurrency with a credit card, debit card, or any other means depending on the policies of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Where is it stored? The digital coins are stored in a digital wallet – either online, on your computer, or on any other hardware wallet.

Heads-up! Cryptocurrencies are not accepted universally like a regular currency. You can only use them online and to some retailers. 

For those who wish to own cryptocurrencies, they need to make use of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms to buy and trade them. Some of the key ones are Coinbase, Coinsetter, Bitsamp, and BTC-e. In this blog, we are going to discuss why you should prefer Coinbase, how can you buy digital currency with Coinbase, how to check for confirmation and what to do in case your Coinbase’s transaction doesn’t show up.

Coinbase – Cryptocurrency exchange | Cryptocurrency wallet

Once you are familiar with cryptocurrencies, you will stumble upon two widely used terms: Crypto-exchange platforms and Cryptocurrency wallets. The former is the place where you can exchange, buy and sell bitcoins and altcoins whereas, the latter is a tool to store your digital coins.

Coinbase, the San Francisco-based wallet and exchange, is one of the most popular and secure platforms which allows the users to buy virtual currencies with fiat (local) currency. It has become a one-stop-shop that acts as a wallet and an exchange plus offering lots of tools and resources. On the whole, Coinbase offers a quick and easy way to facilitate and trade cryptocurrencies.

Why use Coinbase?

Storing and trading digital currencies have never been easy before Coinbase. Listed below are some of its stand-out benefits. Check em out.

  • The Coinbase offers a smooth and easy to navigate platform. It comes with charting capabilities, logbooks, and a straightforward ordering process. You can also check for your previous transactions since it collects trade history and allows backtesting.
  • The platform supports numerous payment methods such as debit/credit cards, bank transfers, and even PayPal adding convenience for the users.
  • It offers a high-end security policy that gives a tough competition to the hackers. Users are supposed to give their personal details, enable two-factor authentication, go through an identity verification process which, at times, requires calling over phone or skype. The users are required to upload a copy of their passport or driver’s license for further checking.
    Moreover, 98% of digital assets and the user’s sensitive data is stored offline.
  • Coinbase cuts the complex underlying technology associated with digital currencies. Just a simple and brief understanding is enough to get going.
  • Another key reason for Coinbase’s rise is due to its accessibility. Coinbase is available for both Android & iPhones. It puts forward a reliable and intuitive user interface. Besides, Coinbase is free to install. So, you can experiment with it without any risks.


How can you buy digital currency with Coinbase?

In just five short years, Coinbase has managed to become an important cornerstone of the crypto market. In this section, we have mentioned the process to buy cryptocurrency through Coinbase.


  • SignUp on Coinbase and Verify your email address


The very first step is to create an account. Fill in all the necessary details and verify your email address by clicking on the confirmation link.


  • Select your account type


Once you have confirmed the email address, choose whether you want to create an individual or business account.


  • Verify your mobile number


Verify your phone number to enable 2-Factor Authentication. 2FA helps to secure your account.

    1. Set up the preferred payment method
      Coinbase accepts the payment through bank transfer, credit card, or debit card. Each of the payment methods may require verification to comply with various government regulations.


  • Buy your favorite cryptocurrency


The price and fees are clearly mentioned at the time of placing your order. Select the payment mode from the drop-down menu and to confirm the order, click ‘Complete buy’.

How to check for cryptocurrency Confirmations?

Once you have successfully made the transaction, your wallet will let you view the transaction on a block explorer or provide you with the transaction ID which looks like this: 7a43510802e113b7059851ef0a8a5c3625db37541861dd982f56253b2d5c4ff9


If you wish to check the number of confirmations for a transaction, paste the transaction ID into a block explorer like Press ‘Enter’ and check for other details about your transaction.

Usually, the average confirmation time is 10 minutes.

What to do in case your Coinbase’s transaction doesn’t show up?

In general, the incoming transactions show up in the user’s account within a few seconds. It will reflect ‘Pending’ till there have been enough network confirmations that depend on the digital currency.

Some of the common causes of unconfirmed transactions could be-

  • For instance, you purchased Bitcoin. All BTC transactions need a miner fee to be confirmed by the bitcoin network. You would be required to add a miner fee for the transaction to get confirmed. But, if you include an insufficient fee, your transaction will never get confirmed.
  • If two transactions try to pay out similar coins, one of the either will never be confirmed by the network.
  • Your transaction will not be generated if you are trying to spend the coins that have not been confirmed yet.
  • At times, there is a high volume of users sending digital currency globally. The amount of transactions is much more than the available space in a new block.

It is recommended to allow up to one or two days for your transaction to complete and fully confirm. Do not worry about the transactions until you have hit the 24 to 48-hour mark. There are also chances that one of the transactions is taking a bit longer than the other. Just wait for some time for it to come.

However, if your Coinbase transaction still doesn’t show up, dial the Coinbase knowledgebase. The team has a container filled with the most viable solutions to assist its customers as well as save them from the hassle of technical jargon.

To Arrange a Call Back for you, please request a callback to get any assistance.

Concluding up

It is recommended to conduct thorough research into the platform before making any decision. Also, it would be better to begin small if you are a beginner. Besides, continuous active technology support is accessible through Coinbase customer service.