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Our website has a collection of 800 phone numbers for most commonly used services for many different businesses and organizations. The motivation behind the creation of this site is to help users or customers find an 800 business contact number that they are looking for. Often in our day to day activities, we come across the situation in which we want to talk to the customer service representative. 800-number.info will help you get that information fast. People can use this site to search for the phone number of the companies that they want. There are a lot of companies people often don’t remember the numbers. So the site like this helps the people to access those business numbers.

Phone Number Directory with Phone Menu Options

This site has the list of 800 phone numbers, besides this, we also have provided the more often than not the type of answer that we will get from calling those phone numbers. Normally, a caller will be presented with a phone menu to choose from. We have provided the option for each menu. This site will let you know whether or not this call will provide you the desired information or not. The motivation behind this is to make the process easy for customers and help them in saving their time. If you know what the menu will say before you call, then you will not waste your precious time by calling the wrong phone number. This may help you determine what info you need to collect before making a call. You will find many other numbers used by the same company to reach a particular department number.
The metrics used by companies depend on the number used for telephone service. This website explains the method to gather information about the telephone number to reach a particular department.