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How to contact Virgin Mobile ? Below is a list of 800 phone numbers for Virgin Mobile Phone Number.

Virgin Mobile Customer Service / Support: 1-888-322-1122

  • Much obliged for calling Virgin Mobile
  • kindly enter the Virgin cell phone number, lets attempt that again please re enter the ten digit Virgin Mobile telephone number or on the off chance that you are calling to initiate another telephone or don’t have the Virgin Mobile telephone number yet please squeeze pound.
  • On the off chance that you are calling to initiate your telephone or on the off chance that you are another client and needs to begin benefit squeeze 1,
  • to keep an eye on a past actuation two,
  • for help with your expansive band to go account 3,
  • calling about your remote administration 4
  • generally 5
  • Fundamental menu
  • top up squeeze 1,
  • check adjust 2,
  • change or re begin your arrangement 3,
  • investigating 4
  • whatever else squeeze 5.
  • To swap handsets squeeze 1,
  • For design squeeze 1,
  • telephone and administration essential 2,
  • installment and charges 3,
  • additional items 4,
  • or, on the other hand to backpedal to the principle menu squeeze star.
  • to change your number or get another telephone number 2,
  • report telephone lost or stolen 3,
  • discover a store 4,
  • purchase another telephone 5,
  • as often as possible made inquiries 6,
  • or, on the other hand to backpedal to the fundamental menu squeeze star.
  • Whether you bought your new iPhone direct from Virgin Mobile or from an Apple Retail Store, you will activate it here.
  • Shortly after you join the Inner Circle, you will receive a welcome email that provides the schedule for your Virgin Perks offer delivery.
  • For Inner Circle members, once you have received your new iPhone, you will need to activate it here in order to enjoy all the benefits of being a member of the Inner Circle.