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Customer service & Toll free : Suntrust Phone Number info

How to contact Suntrust ? Below is a list of 800 phone numbers for Suntrust Phone Number.

Customer Service Representative (check balance):  1-800-786-8787 ( 1-800-SUNTRUST )

  • Much thanks to you for calling Sun Trust
  • We now offer two alternatives to serve you
  • to utilize our touch tone framework press *77 now
  • generally simply say your purpose behind calling, for instance you could state things like Account adjust, late exchanges, or subsidizes exchange, proceed.

General Account Questions: 1-800-382-3232

  • Much obliged to you for calling SunTrust
  • If you have a SunTrust account specific request or question and have access to Online Banking,
  • Sign on to Online Banking and send us a secure message,
  • call us to speak with a customer service representative.
  • Otherwise, choose from the following links so we can route your query most effectively:
  • in case you’re experiencing difficulty getting to your online record, please say reset my secret key, or open my record, or something unique.

Banking Solutions: 1-800-279-4824

  • For quality assurance, your call will be recorded…live person answers

New Cards: 1-800- SUNTRUST (800-786-8787)

SunTrust Mortgage Customer Service Department: 1-800-634-7928

  • Welcome to SunTrust Morgage
  • in case you’re calling with respect to year end assess data press the * key,
  • for current credit points of interest including year end assess data 1,
  • to make an installment 2
  • for another buy or to renegotiate 3
  • for pay off 4
  • to dial an augmentation 5
  • for client benefit 0
  • to rehash this menu # sign.

Online Banking, PC Banking, Bill Pay, and Mobile Banking: 1-800-382-3232

TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf): 1-800-854-8965

Lost or Stolen Card: 1-800-786-8787

Directory Assistance: 1-800-786-8787

International Toll Free: 1-800-7887-2835

New or Existing Mortgages: 1-800-634-7928

Loss Mitigation, Bankruptcy Filings, Real-Estate Owned (REO) and Short Sale Inquiries: 1-800-443-1032

Credit Bureau Disputes: 1-877-596-5407