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Customer service & Toll free : Sprint Phone Number info

How to contact Sprint ? Below is a list of 800 phone numbers for Sprint Phone Number.

Sprint New Service & Sales: 1-844-661-2213

Sprint Customer Service: 1-844-661-2213

What are you calling Sprint for?

Tips for using the main Sprint hotline number above (1-844-661-2213).

  • How do I speak to a representative?: press 2,5
  • Contact customer service / customer care: press 2,5
  • Technical support: press 2,2
  • Call center: press 1
  • Collections department: press 2,3
  • Help, assistance: press 2,5
  • Moving your current number to another phone or device: press 1
  • Pay my bill: press 2,4
  • Phone plans: press 1
  • Phone upgrade: press 2, 1
  • Order status: press 2,5
  • New mobile phone: 3
  • Representative or operator: press 2,5
  • We believe mobile connectivity is the most powerful enabler of progress in the world.
  • Connectivity helps bring families and friends more closely together, children to get a better education and businesses to be more productive.
  • At Sprint, we help our customers make these connections, allowing them to do more, strive for more and enjoy life to the fullest.

Other Numbers

Pay by Phone: Dial *3 from your Sprint phone
This is how you dial Sprint from your Sprint phone.

Sprint FonCard: 1-800-366-2255

Prepaid Card: 1-800-366-0707

Wireline: 1-877-877-8748

Business Internet, Connectivity etc: 1-866-653-1056

Business Account: 1-800-927-2199


Source: www.sprint.com/phone