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Safelink Wireless Phone Number Contact Information

Customer service & Toll-free: Safelink Wireless Phone Number info

How to contact Safelink Wireless? Below is a list of 800 phone numbers for Safelink Wireless Phone Number.

Customer Service: 1-800-378-1684

  • Much obliged to you for calling SafeLink Wireless, for English press 1.
  • Much obliged to you for calling… This call might be recorded for quality affirmation.
  • Safelink Wireless is a no-cost cell phone service,
  • which provides a select amount of voice minutes every month to families who are in need.
  • If you don’t mind take note of, that because of an adjustment in Federal control,
  • If you need to reach technical support.
  • There is also a refer a friend program in place.
  • In the event that you live in California, press 1.
  • Otherwise, press 2

Customer Technical Support: 1-800-378-1684

  • confirm proceeded with a qualification or check the status of your application, squeeze 1.
  • To include or purchase a broadcast appointment, squeeze 2.
  • On the off chance that you have not gotten your minutes, squeeze 3.
  • To exchange your telephone number and advantages, squeeze 4.
  • To change your telephone number, squeeze 5
  • For questions or some other administrations including specialized help, squeeze 6.
    • For guidelines on the most proficient method to discover your telephone number, squeeze 1.
    • To change your present arrangement or hear data about our new plans, squeeze 2.
    • For phone message directions, squeeze 3.
    • For data about the lifesaver, administrations gave by SafeLink Wireless, squeeze 4.
    • Some other administrations or inquiries including specialized help, squeeze 5.
      • For issues with your telephone’s web or sight and sound informing press 1.
      • For some other administrations or for specialized help, squeeze 2.
      • To rehash this menu, press 0.
    • Rehash this menu, squeeze 0. Come back to the past menu, squeeze 9.
  • To rehash this menu, squeeze 0.
  • To come back to the past menu, squeeze 9.
  • Those who sign up based on referral will also access 30 minutes free.
  • Designed to help those in need to access more affordable cell phone service and texting service.
  • millions of families do make the choice to obtain cell phones.