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Kimpton Phone Number Contact Information

Customer service & Toll free : Kimpton Phone Number info

How to contact Kimpton ? Below is a list of 800 phone numbers for Kimpton Phone Number.

Kimpton Reservations & Customer Service: 1800-546-7866

  • Thank you you for calling Kimpton lodgings and eateries
  • Kimpton Karma is a new, unique rewards program that goes beyond recognizing just stays and nights.
  • Loyalty is more than transactions; it’s about building experiences and relationships.
  • make certain to visit us at
  • to change or drop a current reservation please squeeze 1
  • your call perhaps observed and recorded for preparing purposes
  • to influence another reservation to please squeeze 2
  • your call perhaps observed and recorded for preparing purposes
  • to make a reward booking for Kimpton cards please squeeze 3
  • to make or alter a non remunerate reservation please squeeze 1
  • for particular record questions, compensate reservations, or a missing visit please squeeze 2
  • other karma addresses please squeeze 3
  • Stays that use a complimentary reward night and completed prior to joining
  • Stays booked with rate codes assigned to airline crew, travel agents and Kimpton employees

Kimpton Rewards Contact Information

Kimpton Karma is now part of IHG® Rewards Club

Karma Rewards Phone Number: 1-888-695-4678

  • Well Hello there. A debt of gratitude is in order for calling Kimpton Karma Rewards.
  • To make or adjust a non-remunerate reservation please squeeze 1.
  • For particular record questions, remunerate reservation or a missing visit please squeeze 2.
  • Other Karma addresses please squeeze 3.
  • This call might be recorded for quality confirmation. On the off chance that you continue with this call we will derive that you agree to this chronicle.
  • Just make sure to have an eligible stay completed within the past 24 months to maintain your stay credits. This will not include upcoming stays.
  • You will need to enroll in the Kimpton Karma Rewards program in order to earn points and benefits from Kimpton hotels.
  • You can only earn one stay credit per visit, regardless of how many rooms you pay for. On the up side, the friends, family, or colleagues that are staying in those rooms can each earn credit for the stay.

Kimpton Global Business Travelers Support Number: 1-877-544-5622

  • Thank you for calling small groups, this XXXXX (real person)

Kimpton International Reservations Numbers :

Country Number
Mexico 001-8772898558
France 0800-913390
Japan 00531-1-22583
Australia 1-800-508697
Spain 900-961875
Switzerland 0800-891435
Brazil 0800-76-21287
Italy 800-875400
UK 00 800 4444 5566