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How to contact Facebook Number ? Below is a list of 800 phone numbers for Facebook Phone Number.

Facebook Phone Number / Facebook Helpline : 1-650-543-4800

  • Thank you you for calling the Facebook Helpline Phone Number.
  • For Facebook phone number, press 1
  • For Instagram, press 2.
  • Press 3 for oculus.
  • Press 4 for whats app.
  • For Masquerade, press 5.

Facebook Phone Number 800 Help Center: 1-650-543-4800

  • Thank you for calling Facebook for support contact press 1.
  • Facebook law enforcement contact press 2.
  • For Facebook business development and advertising press 3 .
  • Facebook marketing help, press 4.
  • For Facebook press inquiry help, press 5.
  • Facebook employment verification, press 6.
  • For all other inquiries press 9.
  • in the event that you require some time say hang on.
  • To dial by name or expansion say catalog,
  • for approach inquiries or help with whatever else say more choices

Facebook phone number Customer service usa / help center

  • Thank you for calling Facebook, in case we are not able to provide you phone support, we invite you to visit our online help center where for most issues you can find answers, online contact forms to reach us.
  • You can find the help center at the bottom of any Facebook page. you can access the help center even if you do not have Facebook account.
  • To report abusive and inappropriate content that violates Facebook policies, for example pornography, hate speech or harassment please press 1.
  • To report the account of decreased friend or family member press 2.
  • For Report that your Facebook account hacked or hijacked press 3.
  • To report that a Facebook account pretending to be you, press 4.
  • For issues Concerning Facebook credit or billing, press 5.
  • For issues related to intellectual property, press 6.
  • Any issues related to Facebook advertisement press 7.

Facebook Headquarters Phone Number : 1-650-543-4800

Facebook Support Contact: 1-650-543-4800

How to Contact Facebook About a Problem :

Our online resources are the fastest and the most effective way to answer your issues which you bring to Facebook attention. Our help Center is full of information and wings to contact forms that will put you in touch with Facebook representative. If you still cant find the help you need after visiting our hep center, you may leave the voicemail on the encrypted voice mail. If you do leave a voicemail, please provide us with your email where you can be reached. Spell it out so that we can get it right. Also tell us your full name and complete description of your issue. There is lot of content on Facebook so be specific about your issue. thank you again for contacting Facebook.