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Cricket Wireless Phone Number Contact Information

Cricket Wireless Customer Service Number: 1-800-274-2538 (1-800-Cricket)

  • Welcome to Cricket Wireless.
  • On the off chance that you are calling about turning into another Cricket client squeeze 1,
  • To actuate a cricket pay go telephone squeeze 1
  • Rate designs, pick a technique for installment, and rate design subtle elements can be discovered at
  • Cricket’s free apps can make your life easier.
  • To see all charges on your account, sign in to My Account or the cricket app.
  • All data plans except Cricket Unlimited 2 come with Stream More.
  • To keep things simple, our monthly rate plans and added features include applicable state and local taxes, and other charges.
  • A fee for activating BridgePay. A minimum payment is also due for each line on your account and varies by rate plan.
  • Applies if you’re a current Cricket customer and you change your mobile number.
  • General Services and features are available for 30 days upon payment of the rate plan charge.
  • One-time fees may apply including up to a $3 Customer Assistance Fee.
  • Applies to payments received 2 – 29 days past your due date. Pay within 24 hours to avoid this fee.
  • new cricket mobile phone benefit 2,
  • new Cricket broadband network access 3.
  • to reactivate a Cricket account squeeze 2,
  • current Cricket clients squeeze 3,
  • merchant areas squeeze 4,
  • to come back to this menu whenever press the star key.
  • To initiate a cricket pay go telephone squeeze 1
  • new cricket phone benefit 2,
  • new Cricket broadband web access 3.

Cricket Wireless Bill Pay by  Phone:1-800-698-0358