Coinbase Phone Number

There are 3 total ways to get in touch with Coinbase. The next best way to talk to their customer support. You can contact Coinbase across the following mediums: Phone, Email, Web.

This website used to list legacy customer service numbers, but we were contacted by Coinbase lawyers and threatened with legal action if we did not remove them.

To Arrange a Call Back for you, please request a callback to get any assistance.

Please be aware that coinbase currently does not offer any phone support with a live agent. You can call Coinbase Support to immediately disable your account if you suspect your account has been compromised.

Once your account is disabled, you will then need to go through the automated account recovery process in order to re-enable your account, which can take several days.

If you would like to reach an agent for help, please submit an email request.

The Coinbase Support phone number can be found on their email request form.