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Cash app Phone Number and Contact Information

Cash app customer service number (Toll-free): Cash app phone number info is mentioned below:

How to contact cash app? Below is the list of Cash app 800 phone number:

Cash app Customer Service Number: 800-969-1940

In order to talk to the cash team support executive, kindly request for the contact using the cash app or go to

To talk to support executive by using cash app :

Follow the below-mentioned steps to speak with the customer support executive using cash app:

  1. To begin with, Open the cash app home screen and also click on the profile icon
  2. Scrolling down, click on cash support
  3. Click on something else
  4. Direct the cursor to your concerned issue
  5. Click on contact support

Cash App Support Phone Number: 855-351-2274

To talk to support executive by going to

  1. Go to
  2. Scrolling down tap on contact support
  3. Login by entering your details
  4. Direct the cursor to your concerned issue
  5. Click on contact support

You can get automated instructions on your phone as well. Cash app contact number to get the automatic instructions on your phone is 855-351-2274. There are no official phone number details to talk to cash support.

  • Thank you for calling customer service. We can record this call for quality purposes.
  • For your account info, press 1
  • For new membership, press 2
  • Info for purchases, press 3
  • For all other questions, press 0
  • Just a moment, an associate will join you shortly
  • To change altogether or refresh your record-setting press 2
  • For complaints to help you as fast as possible, please have your card number with you

For cash app issues like

(a) stolen or lost card or Card number or (b) your card account funds have been transferred or are likely to be transferred with no permission of yours, it is advisable to contact at Square cash phone number i.e. 1-855-351-2274.

If you own both virtual as well as a physical card, and you report any one of the cards to be stolen or lost at the square phone number, both of your cards will be canceled by square inc and you will be issued new cards. To replace lost or stolen cards, double tap on the virtual card in the Cash app to report your case of a lost card. Your personal information is needed to be entered there. The personal information may comprise of the Card number, transaction history, full name, and other related info. To avoid such problems, it is always advisable to not to share your PIN or other details of Square cash app with anyone.

No one from the cash app side asks for your login details over the phone, through social media platforms or any other communication sources.

Cash app Phone Number

Cash app ( older name square cash ) is a service for mobile payment which is matured by Square, Inc. This app enables users to easily transfer the money using this simple mobile app. Square inc 800 number is listed below:

Square inc Phone Number: 1-855-351-2274

Cash app square inc history:

Square Inc. brought square cash in the business in March 2015. Square cash enabled organizations, owners of businesses and individuals to make use of a unique username in order to receive and send money. This unique username was called $cashtag. In January 2018, bitcoin started getting traded and supported by the extended Cash app.

Cash App Mail address :

Cash App Square Inc
1455 Market Street Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94103