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Customer Service & Toll-free: Ace Hardware Phone Number info

How to contact Ace Hardware? Below is a list of 800 phone numbers for Ace hardware Phone Number.

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-866-290-5334 (24/7)

  • Welcome to We are more useful than others. For quality purposes, your call might be checked or recorded if it’s not too much trouble making your choices from the accompanying options.
  • To find the Ace Hardware Store closest, you squeeze one or look at our as good as ever store locator on
  • To put in a request on or for item data, please squeeze two.
  • For inquiries concerning an online request you have effectively put, please squeeze three.
  • On the off chance that you are calling about your Ace prizes email or secret word, please squeeze four.
  • For all other Ace prizes addresses, please squeeze five.
  • For any worries, squeeze six.

Rebates : 1-800-477-4137



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