US Airways Phone Number

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US Airways Phone Number Contact Information

Customer service & Toll free : Us Airways Phone Number info

How to contact Us Airways ? Below is a list of 800 phone numbers for Us Airways Phone Number.

US Airways Reservations, Arrivals & Departure Information: 1-800-433-7300

  • Hell0, welcome to US Airways, your Call might be record for make sure a high quality service
  • In a very less span of time would you like to tell me for  what you are calling.
  • Reserve a flight.
    • Nice, new bookings, before we start, are you planning to use dividend miles to book this reservation?
    • No.
    • Okay, to make sure you know, you can book this excursion at and spare at any rate $25 per traveler on local travel or $35 for global, going from which city?
  • Flight status.
    • Alright flight status, is it for now June 21st?
    • No.
    • At that point for what date, you can state yesterday, tomorrow or simply say the month and day?

US Airways Internet Support: 1-800-327-7810

  • Howdy and thank you for calling US Airways phone number, your call might be recorded and checked to guarantee brilliant administration. In a couple of words please reveal to me what really matters to you.
  • Internet support.
  • Alright, online help, one minute, I’ll get you over to somebody who can enable you, to please check for the most recent data on bear on items.Note that under government law, travelers are disallowed from expediting perilous materials the air make, you can discover more data at materials. All US aviation routes deals agent are as of now helping others.

Cargo: Toll free : (800-227-4622) (800-CARGOAA)

Our customer service agents are available 24 hours per day, every day of the year to help you with booking and shipping instructions. You can also stay on top of your shipment status through our automatic voice system at the same number.



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