San Diego Gas & Electric Phone Number

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San Diego Gas & Electric Phone Number Contact Information

Customer service & Toll free : San Diego Gas & Electric Phone Number info

How to contact San Diego Gas & Electric? Below is a list of 800 phone numbers for San Diego Gas & Electric Phone Number.

San Diego Gas & Electric Customer Support: 1-800-411-7343

  • Much obliged for calling SDG&E. Calls perhaps checked or recorded for quality purposes. Primary menu.
  • In case you’re calling about a gas hole or electric crisis, squeeze 1, or say crisis.
  • On the off chance that your energy is out, squeeze 2, or say control blackout.
  • To hear your record adjust, pay your bill or demand more opportunity to pay, squeeze 3, or say installments.
  • On the off chance that you have inquiries regarding your bill, squeeze 4, or say charge questions.
  • To begin, stop, exchange benefit or for fumigation squeeze 5, or say change benefit.
  • To plan a gas machine arrange or for more choices, squeeze 6, or say something unique.
  • Hear these choices once more…
  • To plan a request for your gas heater or different gas machines, squeeze 1, or say gas apparatus.
  • To see whether you meet all requirements for a rebate on your service charge, squeeze 2, or say markdown.
  • For sun based vitality data, squeeze 3, or say sun based.
  • For electric vehicle data, squeeze 4, or say vehicle.
  • Data about discounts, squeeze 5, or say refunds.
  • In case you’re requiring an alternate reason, squeeze 6, or say it something unique.
  • Private clients, squeeze 1.

Business: 1-800-336-7343

  • I’ll exchange you to a specialist for promote help. Join to get charge reserve funds. No cost home changes and other help programs. Capability for these projects depends on pay or cooperation in a qualified open help program. Likewise for medicinal requirements, we offer restorative pattern which takes into account more vitality use to be worked at our lower rates. Qualification is not wage based. If it’s not too much trouble visit our site at or approach your agent for more subtle elements.
  • Business clients, squeeze 2.
  • To hear this once more, squeeze 7, or say rehash.
  • To come back to the primary menu, squeeze 8, or say fundamental menu.



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